Cloud Support


It should go without saying that one of the most important functions for our Managed Services Provider practice is to support our customer once their applications and data are firmly in the cloud or sitting in a hybrid deployment. No matter how well a cloud or hybrid environment is planned, provisioned, operated or monitored, problems will arise, and those problems will need to be remediated. It’s our job as Managed Services Provider to offer support to our customers to deal with outages, breaches, inefficiencies, and disaster scenarios.

Please consider the level of support that makes sense for their goals in terms of resources and revenue as well as what makes sense to the customers your business serve.


To meet with our clients' requirements we've developed the following support Availavility Model:


By reducing out Time To Response / Time To Resolution We add value to our customers and our practice by responding to problems quickly.


Determine the level of support you want us to provide.


When customers need help, a call center is nice. A support staff committed exclusively to our customers is even better

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Talk to Andy, Our virtual Agent. Preview

Andy is a key member of our Alliance family. Is an intelligent digital assistant that's being built to help you manage your entire Alliance ID account capabilities and provide support and information for thousands of questions you may have. He can also help you create and route a new support case for you to be reached by one of our human assistants.

Open chat with Andy, our support bot
Open live chat with a human support agent
Live Chat support is availiable from 8 AM to 6 PM (GMT-5)

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