Connect your business with the real world

Connecting your things, from tagged merchandise to point-of-sale systems and store kiosks to backup systems, helps you manage your retail business intelligently and efficiently, while taking advantage of new demand areas. Connecting your devices, sensors and assets in a single platform will ensure more fluid operations, allowing you to track the customer's buying behavior, design the ideal trip to motivate the action and train your employees to better serve customers.

Reimagine growth

Provide recommendations to customers based on preferences and past purchases and sends coupons and relevant offers in real time to cell phones or kiosks in the store based on their location and interests.

Transform your Data Center

Grow with the confidence that your systems will do it with you

Increase IT efficiency and the resilience of your business with a hybrid cloud solution

Reimagine efficiency.

Improved customer experience automate retail processes.

Get a complete view of the inventory across markets.

The Applications and Services Engineering Group focuses on broad applications and services of core technologies in productivity, communication, education, search and other categories of information, as well as in the development of our infrastructure in the cloud, servers, databases, customer relationship management (CRM), business resource planning (ERP), management, development tools and other applications and business process services.

Power the omnichannel scope.

Move to a cloud platform to scale your marketing campaigns.

Equip shopping carts with location tracking; use cell phones, video cameras or other devices to analyze store traffic patterns and monitor customer behavior. Combine this information with sales data to optimize store design, product assortment and inventory level.

Maximize opportunities to win and retain customers.

Move to a cloud platform to scale your marketing campaigns.

In a connected world, offering an excellent customer experience is more essential than ever to differentiate your business, build loyalty and maintain your reputation. Win customers and keep them happy with cutting edge solutions such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales, which can help small businesses maximize opportunities, boost mobile productivity and gain greater business insight.

Expand the capacity of your operations.

Utiliza el seguimiento de ubicación para detectar patrones de tráfico erráticos y guiar el comportamiento del cliente para mejorar la experiencia general de compra. Usa dispositivos de orientación interactivos habilitados con Wi-Fi para ayudar a los empleados y clientes a llegar a donde necesitan ir.

Explore a universe of opportunities.

Connected devices in the store can predict and alert employees about possible machine failures, optimize the openings of the payment line, train managers and staff to react to suspicious behaviors such as possible contractions or thefts, and manage devices stored and data generated control levels.

Our solutions and your business, reaching beyond expectations.

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