We deliver end-to-end retail technology solutions.

Discover how Fenix Alliance can help you accelerate retail transformation through cloud computing and IoT by providing businesses like yours with a comprehensive set of retail IT solutions to take the customer experience to the next level by leveraging smart, scalable and secure retail solutions to connect your business - from storefronts to hospitality establishments to entertainment venues.

We focus on general retail businesses and service centers such as restaurants, supermarkets, stores and small shopping centers. For retailers of all sizes, we offer solutions to meet the highest standards of compliance, integration, analysis and security.

Reach your customers where they are.

Building conversational AI experiences for your organization.

We are helping our customers to create new experiences and reach users at scale. We are working with our customers to create intelligent, enterprise-grade conversational agents and make it easy to deploy and maintain bots across many channels, including Office 365, Facebook Messenger, Cortana, Slack, Skype, and Teams.

Tailored Product Recommendation Solutions.

Customers are exchanging their personal data, like location, purchase history and day-today use, for the promise of progressively relevant experiences. Shoppers anticipate that retailers will offer them services and products that are needed in the moment, and change depending on why and how they’re shopping.

  1. Deliver Item-to-Item Recommendations. This is the "Customers who liked this product also liked these other products" scenario. Increase the discoverability of items in your catalog by showing relevant products to your customers.

  2. Enhane customer experience through personalized Recommendations. By providing the recent history of transactions for a given user, the SAR algorithm can return personalized recommendations for that user.

Building data, security and compliance on trust.

We can help you protect your business' assets by leveraging industry-leading security and compliance. Here are some examples of how we can help you increase security and compliance by working with us:

  • <b>Securely collect data:</b> Collect data with confidence and empower it' owners to manage what your business knows about them through intelligent privacy, and preach accountability, inclusion, and security.
  • <b>Monitor shopper behavior:</b> Enable surveillance equipment and protect goods from shrinkage and theft with RFID tags and readers.
  • <b>You are always in control:</b> Allow your customers, partners and employees to have control of their data and how they interact with technology on a daily basis.

Keep up with consumer demands worldwide and reduce operating costs with a data-driven supply chain.

Elevate your brand by delivering personalized, seamless shopping experiences across physical and digital channels through automated workflows between services to meet new customer demands.

Extend online payments to your point of sale or vice versa.

Build the perfect Point of Sale.

Manage all your online and offline sales in one place with custom unified integrations, simplifying reporting and reconciliation. At Fenix Alliance we can help you to seamlessly integrate your preferred payments solution with your existing systems such as commercial CRMs, and Billing engines.

Reach your customers where they are.

Put innovation in action.

Create new experiences and reach users at scale. We help our customers to create Bots and make it easy to build and deploy bots across many channels, including Office 365, Facebook Messenger, Cortana, Slack, Skype and Teams.

Reach your customers where they are.

Build On Trust.

Protect your business data by leveraging industry-leading security and compliance. Allow humans to have control of their data and how they interact with technology on a daily basis. Inform them about how their data is being securely collected through intelligent privacy, and preach accountability, inclusion and security..

Continuously optimize the supply chain

Create a unified commerce platform with seamless collaboration across product planning, supply-chain merchandising, marketing, and retail operations.

Integrate the digital and physical worlds.

Enable integration of a range of touch points, including the store, online, mobile, catalogs, and social sites, to create an omni-channel shopping experience.

Predict demand.

Use integrated IoT data and analytics to make inventory decisions, from ordering to merchandise allocation and pricing. Empower field teams with mobile devices and apps to make rapid business decisions, accelerating supply chain processes.

Drive throughput with modern POS.

Help associates sell everywhere. With integrated customer data, tagged merchandise, modern POS systems, and mobile apps they can take personalized service face-to-face on store floors —and into dressing rooms.

Personalize real-time offers in the store.

Improve the speed and quality of predictions with advanced analytics, cloud services, and machine learning.

Our expertise plus world-class technologies

A powerful partnership that works for your business success.

Transcend boundaries: Transform your business with the flexibility to bridge cloud, on-premises, and hybrid solutions. Learn how with the Digital Transformation for the retail industry brochure.

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