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We exist to help your vision to become a solution thanks to
Productive, Trusted, Hybrid and Intelligent Cloud services and tools for you and your business!

Our suite of more than 100 services and solutions are constantly evolving to align the processes of digitalization with efficiency practices, productive ways to work and corporate growth by simplifying the operation and development of Information Technologies across companies and organizations all around the globe.

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Managed Cloud solutions

As Cloud Solution Providers we provide direct billing, sell offers and bundled services, as well as directly provide, manage and support for cloud offerings through open and comprehensive solutions ready for any platform.

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Looking for hardware?

Our eCommerce Store brings to your fingertips the best in technology for the modern customer, businesses and enterprise. Discover thousands of products from leading brands such as Intel, Microsoft, MSI, Nvidia, Samsung and so much more!

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Our Information Technology Providers ecosystem develop and structure reliable and intelligent IT services that evolve with your organization, making use of the best engineering practices.

Eliminate Information Technologies' complexity trough cutting edge, Cloud-based Managed Solutions for your business.

At Fenix Alliance, we work to help our clients realize the full potential of their business through managed, reliable, smart and secure IT solutions that take advantage of cloud computing to unleash the power of data and collaboration at the digital age.

Vertical industry solutions


Transform administrative operations and optimize your management, driving the next generation and providing economic growth through solutions that meet the highest standards.


Grow with the confidence that your business is safe and that your systems will grow with you. Connect the devices in your store and increase the efficiency of IT and the capacity of recovery of the business.


Discover the future of medical care and health care through safe and reliable solutions that transform mobility and enable the efficiency of your staff to provide quality service.


Regardless of the size of your educational center, at Fenix Alliance we collaborate with our clients to deliver smart solutions and technologies that students, instructors and staff personnel already know and love to use.


Throughout the world, businesses have been connecting their resources and leveraging their information to create powerful business value. Connect your organization and define intelligent processes to increase the productivity and efficiency of your company.


Unleash the power of your business information with technologies that generate recognition in the various areas of your organization, helping to make better decisions and strengthen the sales and service activities in your organization.

Meet our practices.

Our practices are constantly evolving to provide your organization with everything it needs to stay ahead of your competitors and better serve your customers.

AI and Cognitive Services

Artificial Intelligence

We are using smart technology to expand and develop human's capabilities, freeing everyone to amplify their ingenuity and allowing companies and organizations be more strategic and productive through AI.

Project Solutions

Cloud Application DevOps.

We've been helping our customers for 10 Years to build the next generation of intelligent applications, to leverage comprehensive solutions and enable the tremendous power of a Cloud that's always ready to exceed their expectations.

Managed Cloud Solutions

Infrastructure Management.

We architect, deploy, and manage cloud solutions to provide faster innovation with optimal control and security through new native/hybrid cloud practices and capabilities that span through infrastructure, applications, data and users.

Data Management Solutions

Analytics, BI and Data Platforms

We work with a wide portfolio of data solutions, hybrid and in your cloud of trust to create rich offers that transform data into ideas, allowing our customers to take better decisions and faster decisions.

Original Equipment Manufacturing.

IoT and OEM

Our group of experts help you connect your business directly with a large ecosystem of design manufacturers to design and develop custom devices for your organization that fit your needs, budget and specifications.

Security and Mobility solutions.

Mobility and Security.

We support and insure our clients as they take advantage of the opportunities presented by mobile and cloud computing to connect and optimize operations, guaranteeing security, privacy and compliance.

You are in good company.

We understand the power of cooperation, that is why we have established Partnerships with world leading companies for the development and deployment of cutting edge solutions, as well as the best service through these strategic alliances.

IT Pros for Business Experts. Business Experts for IT Pros.

We understand how difficult it can be to enable your company through technology in a world where the management of complexity now is not enough. The reason we are committed to your vision is to help you drive your business success by providing the right tools and solutions to collaborate and get the job done better, faster and easier. Why? Because we like to help people first and then become a reliable resource.
Alliance Solutions Providers

Partners and Developers

Fenix Alliance's comprehensive portfolio of industry-leading solutions will help you win more customers and revenue for your business. Join to one of our partner programs and find opportunities to grow your business around the world.

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Alliance Academy

Raise your skills to an A+

Build your skills and advance your career. Fenix Alliance's Virtual Academy (Learn Alliance) offers to include free IT, Business, Marketing and Sales training for Developers, IT Pros, Teachers, Data Scientists, designers, students, and entrepreneurs.

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Alliance for Startups

An Alliance by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs.

We get it, It's hard. We're helping startups like yours to grow faster by giving advice and continuous training from leading professionals in business and sales, as well as free support in the implementation of cloud-based solutions and the search for seed capital and necesary resources to carry out your business model in a solid and profitable way.

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Technology to unleash your entire potential.

Check out the technology that's empowering innovation, mobility, productivity, security, corporate development, outstanding entertainment and so much more!

Deeply committed to our people.

We believe that people are great by nature, in their ability to reinvent themselves, to transform the world with the necessary means. At Fenix Alliance we are characterized by our deep commitment to our customers, associates and collaborators, since we seek to inspire a better future by delivering the highest possible value in everything we do.
Want to help us build next generation experiences?

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Our commitment to build a place where world-class technologies converge with passion and excellence to reach beyond expectations makes Fenix Alliance Group a trully growing experience.

Life at Fenix Alliance
Technical Support

Enterprise-Grade Support

Support is a core part of our value proposition. We're committed to deliver the best Support experience troughout all of our offerings by enabling customer centric support models that work for you and your organization.

Support Center
Sustainability at Fenix Alliance Group

Working for a brighter tomorrow

At Fenix Alliance Group, sustainability is a key part of everything we do. Fenix Alliance has been - and will continue to be - a strong advocate for local and global solutions that accelerate a future of clean energy, economic growth and social development.

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