Fenix Alliance Group at a glance.

What started as a humble, little trading operation called D'Ferma Trading Company LTDA, in 2009, has now grown into one of the most innovative and collaborative companies in Colombia. Fenix Alliance is a small Colombian technology company that provides customers with the technology they need, without technology complexity. The fact is that we thrive around complexity; so, in our words, we are "complexity abstractors"... and let's face it, we are a bit nerdy and geeky by nature. ūüĎ®ūüŹĽ‚ÄćūüĒ¨ūü§ď

It just turns out that we love what we do. ‚̧ԳŹ We enjoy taking down particular problems into highly available solutions while always committed to the operational development of our customers. And, of course, we love programming and computer science. ūüĎ®ūüŹĽ‚ÄćūüíĽ

Here, there is always a space for partnership and professional development and we are always encouraging everyone to grow. Being a part of this alliance is much more than working with or for a technology company, it is to live passionately every stage of the road and take deep care of everyone around us, whether it is a customer, a partner, an employee or just a random one who needs when we can help.

More than just a business group, we are family. #WeAreAlliance.

Our history.

Encouraged by a deeply rooted passion for technology and our tireless commitment to the potential of our customers, we created the Fenix ‚Äč‚ÄčAlliance in 2009 with one intention in mind: to create a place where technology and the great capabilities of people converge to generate solutions to the problems facing an increasingly globalized and digitalized society.

For more than 10 years we have worked tirelessly, delivering cutting-edge digital solutions that drive capabilities and tear down our customers' borders; always committed to our vision of being the leading company in the development of digital transformation processes to help our clients achieve goals they never thought possible before. To reach together beyond expectations.

Following our essence, the corporate alliances we created were making us a much more solid and mature organization, we began to expand our services and operations across borders, always hoping to safeguard that characteristic that made us different, a deep sense of belonging, loyalty, and excellence to the potential and objectives of all our associates, clients and collaborators.

Today, Fenix Alliance has become a powerful commercial business ally dedicated to supporting organizations from various industries in their IT operations, recognizing good practices in all our activities and continuously praising our social commitment.

What we do.

Fenix ‚Äč‚ÄčAlliance Group is a company that's dedicated to the development and implementation of new technologies and whose mission is that of a world in which each person and organization has efficient and intelligent tools that allow them to enhance their capabilities and reach beyond expectations.

Our products and services include smart CRM+ERP solutions, cognitive services, commerce platforms, and developer tools. For those customers where business needs are too specific, our filial brand, ComputeWorks provides custom practices that can help customers to achieve operational excellence through the cloud while still taking advantage of their existing infrastructure. These services include the development and deployment of custom information technologies and devices that, through transversal solutions, adapt to the different operational models across industries, and allow the increase of productivity in organizations.

We work together with world leaders in the field of technology and construction for the development, consulting, research, implementation, and support of systems that, among many other things, reduce environmental impact and empower communities.

Who do we support?

We are supporting Individual consumers, small and medium enterprises, large companies, academic institutions, and local administrations to keep their IT implementations secure and available while keeping the pace of innovation.

What do we offer?

A complete portfolio with products, software, services and solutions that provide innovative and transformative paths through the complex challenges faced by our customer's businesses and the constantly evolving society of today and the future.

What we believe.

We deeply believe that people are great by nature. We advocate for their ability to transform the world with the right support and tools. At Fenix Alliance we are characterized by our deep commitment to our clients, partners, and collaborators, as in everything we do, we seek to inspire a better future by delivering the highest possible value.

As for our philosophy, we are built around a fundamental premise: only the success of our customers, communities, employees, and associates will lead us to success. That is what it means to be Alliance.

About our Team.

We love helping people first to then becoming a reliable resource. We have sought to transfer that mentality to the Fenix Alliance; after all, success will come as a side effect of doing things with excellence.

Daniel Lozano Navas

Chief Executive Office

Sebastián Gómez Bello

Chief Operatig Officer

Julián Alvira Gómez

Chief Architect

Juan David Zapata

Project Manager

Our rockets.

From our inception, we have been firm believers that collaboration plays a fundamental role in innovation and corporate development; for this reason, during our planning stage we have successfully applied to the Autodesk¬ģ Entrepreneur Impact, Nvidia¬ģ Inception, and Microsoft¬ģ Bizspark program and others. This has allowed us to work with their technologies and support during the development of our business models, infrastructure and service platforms.

Our Brands.

From our inception, we have been firm believers that collaboration plays a fundamental role in innovation and corporate development; for this reason, during our planning stage we have successfully applied to the Autodesk¬ģ Entrepreneur Impact, Nvidia¬ģ Inception, and Microsoft¬ģ Bizspark program and others. This has allowed us to work with their technologies and support during the development of our business models, infrastructure and service platforms.

Alliance Business Suite

Fenix Alliance's Lead Business Development Platform became an owned company since 2020

Architektur Allianz

Fenix Alliance's Architecture & Real State became an owned company since 2020


Fenix Alliance's Architecture & Real State became an owned company since 2020


Fenix Alliance's Architecture & Real State became an owned company since 2020


Fenix Alliance's FinTech for the Cooperative Sector.

FBX Studios

Fenix Alliance's Entertainment Producer.

Infinity Comex

Fenix Alliance's eCommerce platform and LOB became an owned company since 2020

Learn Alliance

Fenix Alliance's Academic Platform became an owned company since 2020

Minnext Technologies

Fenix Alliance's Architecture & Real State became an owned company since 2020


Fenix Alliance's Real State Listing engine became an owned company since 2020

Reach Design Studios

Fenix Alliance's Creative Agency became an owned company since 2020


Fenix Alliance's Architecture & Real State became an owned company since 2020

Fenix ‚Äč‚ÄčAlliance Group is a proudly Colombian IT startup dedicated to the development and implementation and sale of smart technology solutions, products, and services that are essential for every business in the digital era.

Our mission is to be, at any time and place, the ideal business partner that helps to unleash the power of cutting-edge technology in every public and private organization, by connecting every aspect of the business to the world through intelligent, reliable, secure and innovative solutions and tools that build on the tremendous power of cloud computing to empower everyone to reach far beyond expectations.

We are a proudly Colombian business based on Tunja, Boyac√°.

Our products and services include the development and deployment of IT systems and Cloud infrastructure for businesses, through transversal solutions built to adapt to different operational models to increase productivity and innovation while decreasing operational costs and TCO in every organization.

By working together with world leaders in the IT industry, we design, develop, consult, research, implement and support systems that, among many other things, reduce the environmental impact, increase productivity and efficiency while empowering communities.

As a result, those who work with Fenix Alliance Group as their IT Partner are thriving because their competitors are not keeping the pace of digital and innovation.

Our business partners - Alliance Trusted Advisor Program Members.

Our mission has everything to do with the success of our associates and collaborators. We work with individuals and organizations all around the world that help us to continue creating what follows.

We constantly seek to verify compliance in our supply chain taking into account goals, practices and sustainability indices in all our operations and those of our suppliers.

Our corporate partners.

We work together with global leaders in the provisioning of cloud computing services and digital transformation. This power of collaboration and the passion to achieve things that were never thought possible before makes us your perfect business ally.

Our sustainability partners.

From the very beginning, we have sought to create the greatest impact on the lives of as many people as we can, using technology to create solutions that empower people's extraordinary capabilities and contribute to personal, corporate, economic and social development.

A letter from our CEO.

Respected interested party,

First of all, let me express how valuable your business is to us and, especially, its human component as what gives meaning to everything we do..

I want to start by stating how aware are we that technology can have a profound impact on people's lives and that we understand how it can be used for the fulfillment of good or evil. With this in mind and in front of different problems that technology operations provoke within organizations, we believed in an idea. We've created Fenix ‚Äč‚ÄčAlliance with the intention of encouraging every person across thousands of organizations to realize and develop their full potential for the good of current and further generations, and we've been doing so by providing smart, reliable and sustainable tools, resources and solutions that create the perfect environment for everyone to reach way beyond expectations.

About our vision and thinking.

Every step we take is aimed towards delivering powerful and smart solutions to help extend our customer's reach, way beyond expectations. We do so by leveraging the power of world-class services, abstracting their complexity and presenting our customers with end-to-end digital solutions to solve their particular problems.

Although our form is corporate, we've (and this is something we're proud of) have adopted an attitude of association. We have always wanted to develop a different company, a company that really cares about it's customers and not just fill the pockets of the few. We think of our stakeholders as those who make our development possible, and in us, as an administrative team.

A note to our investors.

As an investor, you are making a long-term and potentially risky bet for our team, especially for me. We, therefore, recognize that our individual and collective interests around our management team are deeply aligned with those of the new investors who choose to support the Fenix ‚Äč‚ÄčAlliance. I also want to acknowledge that I am committed to the Fenix ‚Äč‚ÄčAlliance in the long term. Our workforce, our alliance, has also demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to our long-term success. With continuous hard and intelligent work, this commitment will last and flourish.

Our users first.

Our users inspire us to be better and better. We work tirelessly for excellence by offering attractive experiences and smart solutions that unleash capabilities and connect our customers, giving them the ability to collaborate and cultivate a culture of innovation and progress within their organizations.

Our people are everything.

When I think about Alliance, I think about the team that makes all this possible. I must admit that it is collaboration what have led us to exceed expectations. This generates in us a responsibility that we welcome with integrity, that of always seeking the human and professional development of our workforce, cultivating a culture of progress, development, and innovation. The truth is that we have always wanted to be part of the Fenix ‚Äč‚ÄčAlliance, a different place, a place where world-class technologies converge with passion and excellence, and none of it would be possible if we do that day by day.

Making the world a better place, for real.

At Fenix ‚Äč‚ÄčAlliance, sustainable development is a key part of everything we do. We believe in our ability to contribute to a better world and we are committed to our vocation to do so. We work together with international organizations to enhance our impact and recognize our social commitment to contribute to the principles of the Global Compact of the United Nations Organization, helping to bring progress to any place where we develop our operations.

I would like to end by reaffirming our commitment to our clients in the world, their communities, our investors and all those who make Fenix ‚Äč‚ÄčAlliance possible. I further declare that I am fully committed to making this company a long-lasting success that continues to contribute to a better world.

Best regards,

Daniel Lozano Navas
CEO Fenix Alliance.