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Are you ready for digitalization?

From artificial intelligence to augmented reality, marketing to accounting, from smart manufacturing to the connected jobsite. The Alliance Business Suite is being created to supply your essential business' needs right out of the box.

Run IT like a business.


Agile methodologies for agile businesses.

Automation is a core part of our culture. Embedded into our applications, it allows organizations like yours and ours to reduce costs and delivery times, as well as offer Service Level Agreements superior to common ones, which generates a virtuous cycle of efficiency and continuous business. on the Alliance Business Suite, automation is the key to create the right balance between cost, reliability, speed and customer success.

Project Management

Projects are made up combination of components. A project consists of several tasks defined across a timespan. Each task can be linked with several employees, code repositories, products, services and cloud resources. Project boards on the Alliance Business Suite can help you organize and prioritize your work.

You can create projects for specific feature work, keep track on your roadmaps, monitor your progress and provision granular resources for each task. Through kanban boards, you have the flexibility to keep track of your resources and leverage the entire power of our services and solutions through custom workflows.


Cloud Solutions, managed digital services, and the best technology, at your business' entire disposal.

IT Resource Management

Outsourced IT services have just made easy. The Alliance Business Suite seamlesly integrates with our marketplaces, allowing you to choose over thousands of possible configurations for your Information Technology needs. Can't find your perfect configuration or cost balance? You can contact an Alliance Trusted Advisor Partner and request a custom configuration.

Instant Service Provisioning

If you have a Managed Licence for cloud services buyed trough our Marketplaces or if you have bringed a managed license from another IT/Cloud Provider, you can provision services as projects with a few clicks and start tracking their progress and managing it's costs everywhere.

Project Service Portability

Project services follow standard dev guidelines, which makes them extremely portable between Alliance Operational Partners and third party developers.

Service Tacking and Analytics

Through our Digital Project Management Tool, now you can keep track on progress, performance metrics and guidance-on-consumption of service analytics dashboards.


We have you covered.

Our Operational partners - Alliance Trusted Advisors - and our operational teams are always ready to exceed your expectations. We ensure quality trough constantly evolving strategies and operations that aim to work together with our clients and partners to revolutionize IT management policies so that they can address the challenges facing today's organizations, especially between the relationship between business and information technologies.

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Real-Time Collaboration

Give your users the ability to collaborate in real time.

Your users can send a unique url to a collegue. When the collegue opens the link, each user sees the same page and can interact with it together in real time.

Not enough? You can integrate the tools that your employees and collaborators already use and love, like Office 365, Google Apps, Sendgrid, Mailchimp, Slack and so much more.

Secure Proven.

We support and assure our clients as they take advantage of the opportunities that present mobile computing and in the cloud to connect and optimize operations, guaranteeing safety, privacy and compliance.

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Infinity Comex Integration Insider Preview

We are building for you the most powerful eCommerce Platform ever built.

By leveraging AI, Machine Learning & Automation, Infinity Comex, our powerful e-commerce platform, integrates seamlessly with the Alliance Business Suite to help you sell your products and manage the logistics & reverse logistics of your entire sales process, in order to connect effectively with your customers through incredible experiences that help you to take one-time sales towards long-term trusted relationships.

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Connect the dots.

It’s not just about data and insights.It’s about serving your customers and earning their loyalty, every single day. Our CRM is special because it aims to give your business a wide range of tools to bring together the right people and build long term customer relationships around your products and services.

Drive confident.

Lead informed decisions for your business coursepath through custom dashboards that can consume data from any number of sources to help you understand on every step, the overall state of your business' sales and services relations while our platform provides insights based on your data.

You are just a few clicks away to boost your entire organization. Through automation, data, Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, Marketing, Accounting, third-party service integrations and real time collaboration with anyone from anywhere.

Alliance Business Suite provides a complete CRM + ERP (plus some additional functions 😉) where collaboration is possible and made available to you through the tremendous power of the cloud, to advance your business and always reach beyond expectations.

Increase your sales and reach your goals.

Create rich, interactive dashboards, data visualizations, and presentations so you can track and monitor opportunities and focus on what matters. Make your team more effective at prioritizing and driving records to close. Follow a guided sales and service experience with built-in best practices and empower your teams with the right tools to give cutomers them what they want, when they want it.

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Win new customers without the hassle.

Our powerful CRM tools provide 360° customer views aimed to effectively connect with your customers through amazing experiences that help you create long term customer relations.

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Connect your Teams.

The Alliance ID Network works as an internal social engine for each organization, allowing your teams to seemlesly collaborate on your deal units, tasks, flows and sales/services proposals.

Not enough? You can integrate the tools that your employees and collaborators already use and love, like Office 365, Google Apps, Sendgrid, Mailchimp, Slack and so much more.

Business Network Holders Network

Extend your customer reach with the Cloud.

By leveraging the tremendous power of the cloud, we help you find and combine data from internal and external sources with familiar tools to capture customer details and interactions and share this information across both sales and service teams.

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Flexible to meet your specific business needs.

Our set of REST APIs is being built by following the Open-API initiative guidelines to allow your organization to easily and securely extend the Alliance Business Suite's Capabilities to meet your business specific needs through a well-defined set of endpoints to consume and modify your data on-demand from any application you are building.

REST API Documentation Graph API Playground

The place where Human Resources meets the cloud.

Your Alliance Business Suite Subscription can help you manage attendance Tracking, manage leaves and expense claims, salary and payroll, talent and performance insights, recruitment and so much more!

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Provide the power of enterprise capabilities to help grow your business.

Everything on the Alliance Business Suite is being developed towards helping you building strong connection with your current customers and prioritizing the right leads to make your sales teams more effective.


Keep your business on track.

Reach out to customers and stay connected with them to inspire loyalty and uncover opportunities.


Familiar, easy-to-use.

Easily contact your customers the way they want – choose from email, IM, phone, video – all in a single click.


Powered by the Cloud.

Get your teams up and running quickly to get work done with a Cloud based Solution that's that works everywhere.

Suite Tools

Analytics Dashboards

Your business, at a glance through personalized dashboards and Power BI Interconnectivity.

Business Tools

Sales & Service Flows

Keep your business opportinities under control through personalized sales and service flows.

Business Tools

CRM Event based records

Automate events and automatically update customer profiles after every interaction.

CRM Tools

Andy Bot Integration

Andy, our bot, is being developed to help you manage your business through conversational flows.

Business Tools

Products & Services Knowledgebases.

Empower your sales teams with on-demand precise information about your products and services.

Business Tools

Proposal Design & Management

Bring together products and services to create and share a proposals that reflects your brand.

Business Tools

Job Position / Talent Management

Create and manage Job Positions and allow your prospective talent to apply and scredule an interview.

Business Tools

Accounting, made easy.

Managing your General Ledger through deep integration with logistics and business processes.

Business Tools

Sales tools and Resources

Empower your sales and service teams with a set of tools for productivity and collaboration.

Business Tools

CRM Task Management

Keep the mommentum of getting stuff done, every day, by asigning tasks on everything.

Business Tools

Shipping management

Connect your favorite shipping intelligence and optimization solution to your ABS.

Business Tools

Electronic Billing | (Colombia Only)

Easy billing and in minutes with the cloud-based electronic billing module, 100% free.

Business Tools

Cognitive Sales QnAs

Ask for products and services information on the go, in a conversational manner.

Business Tools

Meeting Management

Manage your on-site/online customer meetings and get custom briefings before each one.

Business Tools

Point Of Sale Capabilities

Integrate with your prefererd payments gateway to manage billing and accounting.

Business Tools

Inventory Management

Manage your warehouse, inventory, suppliers and logistics partners in one site.

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