Be the force for digitalization.

Today, digitalization is the business.

Our mission is to help you reach beyond expectations, and we do so by providing our entire commitment to your vision and making it easy and simple to acquire and manage digital solutions in the cloud, on premises or both, without the complexity. We are always looking to provide the best experience and support when it comes to align your efforts with the path for digitalization.

IT Services, easy.

Our suite of services and solutions are being designed for IT Complexity abstraction.

World-leading IT.

Digital Services rely on a technology stack, so you can choose from thousands of configurations!


Helping you to Run IT like a business.

Agile methodologies for agile businesses.

Our ability to automate routine tasks allows us to reduce costs and delivery times, as well as offer Service Level Agreements superior to common ones, which generates a virtuous cycle of efficiency and continuous business. Here, automation is the key to create the right balance between cost, reliability, speed and time to market.



Common tools and solutions from one place.

IT Resource Management

Outsourced IT services have just made easy. Our Service Marketplace showcase a lot of possible configurations for the managed service of your need. Not finding the configuration that you want? Choose a Service Partner and request a custom configuration.

Instant Service Provisioning

If you have a Managed Licence for services buyed trough the Fenix Alliance Service Marketplace or that you have bringed from another IT/Cloud Provider, youll be able to provision services with a few clicks and start tracking their progress everywhere.

Project Service Portability

Project services follow standard dev guidelines, which makes them extremely portable between Alliance Operational Partners and third party developers.

Service Tacking & Analytics

Through our Digital Project Management Tool, now you can keep track on progress, performance metrics and guidance-on-consumption of service analytics dashboards.

Services Marketplace

Your central destination for well governed outsourced IT services.


Whether you need a simple blog, an ecommerce store, an open source deployment or a custom enterprise solution, our teams and partners are ready to start building your vision.


Pain Points can take a million forms. We're committed to enhance your business with the right IT for each one of those things that keep business owners and administrators up at night.


At Fenix Alliance Technologies we are deeply commited to deliver world class technology services to meet the exact needs of thousand of our customers all over the world.
Visit our Services Marketplace to find solutions specifically designed for each of your digital needs, backed up our world-class Cloud Partners' platforms and delivered from industry leading Service Partners of the Fenix Alliance all over the globe.

We have you covered.

Our Operational partners - Alliance Trusted Advisors - and our operational teams are always ready to exceed your expectations. We ensure quality trough constantly evolving strategies and operations that aim to work together with our clients and partners to revolutionize IT management policies so that they can address the challenges facing today's organizations, especially between the relationship between business and information technologies.

Read more abour our Strategy And Operations Services by Project Management Strategy



Secure Proven.

We support and assure our clients as they take advantage of the opportunities that present mobile computing and in the cloud to connect and optimize operations, guaranteeing safety, privacy and compliance.

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What we are building.


Free services

Some digital services have greater discounts (if not totally free) for small teams, verified startups, students and teachers, and will always be like that.


Cloud Ready Solutions

The Cloud is in our DNA. Our services are designed with your preferred Cloud Service Provider and Cloud Solutions Provider using their standard services and practices.


Your Vision, Your way.

Our system is designed to help you to easily handpick what you want into your services. No complexity, almost like picking ingredients for a salad. 🥗😃


World-Class Technologies

We understand how IT Complexity can have a great impact business, and how business owners, administrators, and even IT Professionals and persons like you and me are looking to seemlesly adop new technologies into our daily basis. For this, our platform leverages a common language for IT services where both Customers and Service Providers can agree towards the construction of results.


Technology Stacks

Stacks are designed to allow you a wide range of options when it comes to acquire and properly manage outsourced technology. This allows businesses and organizations to keep control and break down complexity for managed services.


Database Engines

Take advantage of the high availability, intelligence and security built into the most reliable and scalable Database engines. Wether you want services built on the SQL engine or a non-relational database. We have services for them all!



With over 20+ Supported Languages and near 10 years of experience on Business Solutions Engineering, our teams and partners are more than suitable to meet your digital needs, wether you need pre-packaged service deployments or custom solutions, we have your back.


Frontend Stacks

Design is a key facton on every application. We have picked up the best Frontend stacks and practices for us and our partners to work with, offering you a wide portfolio of industry leading frontend solutions.


Server Engines

Choose from a wide range of flexible, secure and manageable Web servers for hosting anything on the Web. From media streaming to web applications, our set of scalable and open architecture server engines are ready to handle the most demanding tasks on your services.


Operating Systems

Our server images work as custom bindings for your OS preference on each of your digital services. Whether you want your digital service to run on Android, Windows, iOS or Linux, we have for you a world of flavors to pick.2

1 TechTarget, on cloud service provider (cloud provider) definition.
2 Marketplace OS images will be available for Pay-as-you-use Service licensing.