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LaptopIs2in1 LaptopIsNotebook LaptopIsChromebook LaptopIsTouchScreen LaptopProcessorType LaptopRamSizeInGB LaptopRAMType LaptopStorageInGB LaptopScreenSizeInInches LaptopMaxResolution LaptopMinResolution LaptopBluetoothType LaptopPorts LaptopSpeakers LaptopBatteryType LaptopBatteryLife LaptopHasWebCam LaptopGraphicCard Product SKU * Product Type Product Permanent Link Product Series Product Part Product Model System Requirements Operating System Package Content Price Currency Regular Price * Tax included in Price? Package Weight Package Height Package Width Package Length Measurement Units Recurrency RecurrencyPeriod Product Title * Short Description * Full Description * Purchase Note Features Form Factor Current Stock In Stock? On Presale By Request Taxable Visible Featured Hot Published Gamming Product Display on Global Mozaic Display on Category Mozaic Display on Banner Marketing Rotation Display on Brands Mozaic Mozaic Cover URL Is on Discount Is Fixed Discount Is Deadline Discount Discount Price Discount Percentage Deadline Discount From Date Deadline Discount Due Date Is New Arrival Published Date Is Best Seller Is Product of the month Is Product of the week Is Daily Deal Is Weekly Deal Is Montly Deal Is dealer's choice Is iComex's choice ShippingCountry MerchantStore PrimaryBrand ParentProduct Contains Or Is a Battery? Battery Type Is Standalone Battery? Battery Weight? Number of Batteries * Watt Hours * Cells in Battery *
5 5 111 10 h N580GD-E4202T Laptop 37967d1f-64cc-49ed-8434-30509fe68660 $920.00 0 0 0 0 USCustomaryUnits 0 Disabled Portátil ASUS Vivobook Pro N580GD-E4202T - Intel Core i5 - 15.6" Pulgadas - Disco Duro 1 TB - Gris <p>N580GD-E4202T</p> <p>N580GD-E4202T</p> 0 $0.00 0 4/8/2019 4/8/2019 4/8/2019 COL 1deb30d2 ASUS None 0 0 0 0 Edit | Details | Delete
1Checkout Methods

When you create an Alliance ID, your account gets provisioned with a virtual wallet capable of securely store information about your orders, subscriptions, payments, invoices and linked payment methods. We DO NOT store sensitive credit card data; instead, (and only if you wish) we store a secure token provisioned by any of the payment gateways enabled in your country. Filling your wallet once will enable you or your business to place and pay orders or autorenew subscriptions with just a confirmation. We will never charge your account without proper clearance from the card owner or the financial entity. Please keep in mind that our employees will never ask for your credit card information.

2Billing Information

Your digital wallet contains the necessary information for electronic invoicing, such as your billing information, shipping addresses, and associated payment methods. Keep in mind that when we issue an invoice for any given payment, this invoice, despite being generated electronically, is valid without a seal and can be reported directly to the tax authorities. In the cases where you access our services using a business account, you need to be authorized by the administrator of such business to make purchases or manage billing and RMAs to visit the store; otherwise, you will be prompted to select your User account before proceeding to the store. Any order you place and pay using a business account will be billed using the tax ID of such business.

3About Currency Exchange

Our store contains a powerful near real-time currency exchange engine to help you navigate our store in your preferred currency, With support for for over 200 world currencies. However, this is just to improve your user experience and EVERY ORDER WILL BE PROCESSED to the Market Representative Rate of the USD to the day of billing. Exchange rates are collected from multiple reliable providers.

You can change your currency by selecting it from the dropdown on the top-left hand side corner of our website or by using our currency selection tool.

4Shipping Information

Even when we are deeply commited to be super efficient when processing orders, we cannot guarantee same day shipping. All orders are subject up to a 1-2 business day processing time prior to shipping. Marketplace orders may take up to 3 business days. Fenix Alliance S.A.S works with a number of professional shipping carriers all over the world so that your order will be shipped by the carrier that can best meet the guaranteed delivery time. To know more about our shipping policies, please visit this link.

5About Taxes & Product Pricing

Fenix Alliance Group's Store - Infinity Comex - is setted to apply different tax policies from Tax Authorities all over the world and display to you the final price with taxes included. However International shipping may apply customary taxes that might not be yet included will be determined during the checkout process.

This means that despite we will do everything in our hands to be clear on our prices and avoid surprise charges on checkout, Shipping fees / additional taxes, store coupons and extended warranty policies (Optionals) may be applied during your checkout process.

6Order Review

You can create an order in our store with just a single click. Just ensure that you have what you need in your cart and click on the "Checkout" button to place an order. Orders are valid for 3 days before being automatically deleted if no payment have been reported for that order. If you've added products to your guest cart and then logged into your Alliance ID Account, those products you've added are into your guest cart. To copy your guest cart into your User or Business' Cart, login into your cart and click "Copy all from IP cart".