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We design, create and implement intelligent cloud-based solutions that unleash the power of collaboration in organizations, increase Itemivity and help reduce the cost of technology.

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Infinity Comex is getting better!

Infinity Comex is becoming an open market integrated with your Alliance Business Suite that can help you to sell goods to anyone, anywhere.

Open iComex is under construction. Insider Preview

We are building for you the most powerful eCommerce Platform ever built.

We are determined to ensure that all the features that Infinity Comex had for our business are available for the business of all our customers. On the meanwhile, we invite you to discover the right eCommerce Item for your B2B, B2C or B2B2C business.

Your store, more connected than ever before.

Let's start building your business.

Let's get your Items to market quickly through a flexible and powerful platform able to help you reach your customers where they are while transforming their experiences, reducing business costs and driving revenue growth.

Up-sells and cross-sells deliver a more engaging experience to your visitors. At Infinity Comex we are always looking to deliver the kind of experience that not only helps your customers to find Items they like, but to keep them coming back.

Smart Item Recommendations.

Infinity Comex uses the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence to help you enhance your customer's experience through personalized recommendations based on their interests.

Reimagine your supply chain.

Keep up with consumer demands worldwide and reduce operating costs through a data-driven supply chain. Elevate your brand by delivering personalized, seamless shopping experiences across physical and digital channels through automated workflows between services to meet new customer demands.

Infinity Comex is built on trust.

We are deeply committed to your privacy. At Fenix Alliance, we do not add external publicity to our website. We encrypt and mask every single bit, even while at rest in the cloud. we ask for authorization before every data transfer and take other extreme measures so that our customers can rest at ease knowing that they are always in control of their data. *

* There's no catch! We are always clear. In other words, we do not (and will never) make a single dime from your data.

Deliver exceptional shopping experiences.

Andy, our smart assistant, is being built to help you deliver automated, cognitive experiences where your customers are. We are helping our customers to create new experiences and reach users at scale. We are working with our customers to create intelligent, enterprise-grade conversational agents and make it easy to deploy and maintain bots across many channels, including Office 365, Facebook Messenger, Cortana, Slack, Skype, and Teams.

Persuade the users of your store the purchase they left suspended.

Not everyone who adds a Item to their cart completes the checkout. Infinity Comex's features include loyalizing system definition, coupons, campaigns, and customized emails to make your user come back.

Ship everywhere, smarter!

Industry-leading commerce solution integrations like ShipWire and Shippo can help you achieve rapid growth through drop shipping and connections to major retail channels. This, combined with the Alliance Business Suite Stock Management capabilities enable the use of any combination of warehouses to ship internationally and domestically.

Fraud protection.

By leveraging industry-leading APIs from vendors like MasterCard, Visa, and several payment gateways, Infinity Comex provides multi-channel global payment processing services, advanced fraud prevention, and risk management solutions to every merchant's store.

User satisfaction, guaranteed.

Protect your business data by leveraging industry-leading security and compliance. Allow humans to have control of their data and how they interact with technology on a daily basis. Inform them about how their data is being securely collected through intelligent privacy, and preach accountability, inclusion, and security.

Meet the perfect Point of Sale.

As the Alliance Business Suite gets better with every hour that goes by, it is being deeply integrated with Infinity Comex, allowing you and everyone in your team to manage all your online and offline sales in one place with custom unified integrations, simplified reporting, and advanced reconciliation features.

Sell your Items globally.

The Infinity Comex Platform can be configured to help you take your store and Item info into Google Merchant Center and make it available to shoppers across Google. That means everything about your stores and Items is available for personalized ads to customers when they search on a Google property.

Get personal with one of the world’s biggest communities.

Marketing isn’t simple, and our mission is to help you succeed. The Infinity Comex Platform can help you connect and manage your entire Facebook store while the Alliance Business Suite helps you to find ad-options for any budget and expertise level. Whether your business is global or rooted in a local community, we can help you find your customers inside a 1.3 billion people network.

Multi-currency support, right out of the box.

Our powerful foreign exchange (forex) engine connects to multiple sources to allow historical and real-time rate updates from over 170 world currencies. Through the Alliance Business Suite, multi-currency accounting and transactions are now extremely simple.

Billing, in a breeze.

Whatever your business is, the Alliance Business Suite includes everything you need to create and fulfill invoices quickly and easily, for all your regular invoices, and for any other chargeable events, using simple and automated workflows.

Connectors / Integrations currently under development.