Announcing the new Infinity Comex Marketplace

Announcing the new Infinity Comex Marketplace

From now on, Infinity Comex is open to the public.

Over a few years, we've been working on delivering tools to help customers all over the world to exceed expectations when it comes to accelerated business development solutions. 

Today, we are proud to announce our brand new B2B, B2C & C2C Marketplace called Infinity Comex. This Marketplace is different from other marketplaces for the following reasons:

  1. It is built on top of the Alliance Business Suite: This means that you're able to connect your custom business applications and interop with modules like Logistics, Accounting, Contact Sight, Marketing, IAM, and more, without the need for additional systems. 
  2. It is extremely fast and performant: The Infinity Comex Marketplace is an excellent example of an Alliance Business Suite Portal. This constantly evolving Portal is built as an ABS SPA (Single Page Application), this means that once you load the page once, you won't need to reload it again to navigate the whole Marketplace! This has proven to contribute to an amazing user experience, driving revenue and user engagement as your customers won't need to reload the page with each request.
  3. It's ready for ABM Data interoperability: Through the Alliance Business Platform REST API and the ABS Logistics Module, you can create custom and mobile experiences to provide your customers with real-time data updates, expanding your channels and removing any overhead from partners and customers who resell your products.
  4. It's built for multi-national e-commerce operations:  It's not only ready to deliver experiences your customers won't be able to help but admire, but it is also ready to provide those experiences worldwide! Through capabilities such as Live Multi-Currency Support, Customer Geo-Location, Smart Adaptive Recommendations,  Billing, and Invoicing.
  5. It's designed to streamline accounting and logistics, among others: Because it's built on top of the Alliance Business Suite, your customers will obtain a fully integrated experience designed to help businesses to manage operations of any size while automatically feeding external systems (through our integrations) as well as internal ABM records such as those used for ABS Modules such as Accounting, Contact Sight, Logistics, Sales, Academy and more.
  6. You can bring your own Payments Gateway!: Yes, that's correct; You can connect your own Payments Gateway to the Alliance Pay Platform and start processing payments through your favorite gateway. And even better yet, you'll only have to pay a 1% Fee for the Alliance Pay Platform Processing Service!
  7. It's Free, Yes, Free!: Access to the infinity Comex Marketplace is free for customers who have an Alliance Passport. An Alliance Passport is a digital credential designed to allow you access to products and services across the Fenix Alliance Business Group through a unified Identity experience. You can create your Alliance Passport for free and without a credit card required.

We will keep customers posted about new Infinity Comex Features through this Blog and we're encouraging customers to provide feedback to influence this solution to fit their specific needs.

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