What's new on the Alliance Business Suite v1.2.0

What's new on the Alliance Business Suite v1.2.0

A few weeks ago we released version 1.2.0 of the Alliance Business Suite with a ton of tools and configurations designed to improve productivity across business operations.

V1.2.0 is a major release featuring:

✅ Support for Custom Web Themes
 Support for multi-tenant Web Blogs
 Support for multi-tenant Web Portals
 Support for multi-tenant, long-lived Workflows
✅ Support for Visual Studio using the ABS SDK.
✅ Razor and Blazor support.
✅ Multi-Portal eCommerce Stores
✅ Security Improvements
✅ Performance Improvements

Performance Improvements on the Alliance Business Suite v1.2.0

By improving several core processes and adding caching capabilities we've drastically improved memory requirements across requests. 

By caching a few core ABM Records we've reduced the number of database roundtrips required to perform tasks such as Web Content Rendering. 

Also, the Web Content engine was vastly optimized by adding theme precompilations and instantiation caching early in the application startup process, this means that Themes are now rebuilt into .dll files that will be consumed on the rendering process.

WebContents and their derived types (WebPage, BlogPost, WebComponent, WebTemplate, and others...) are also being recompiled at startup to ensure dependencies being available on their right versions.

Although cached Instances and Precompilations are, by default, cached in memory, custom implementations for the ICacheService can be registered through either a Custom Module or by using the Alliance Business Suite as an application extension, allowing customers to bring their own Cache Provider.

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