WooHooo! The Alliance Business Suite's blog is here!

WooHooo! The Alliance Business Suite's blog is here!

The Alliance Business Suite's Blog Engine is live and functional. Through it, we'll share news about the Alliance Business Suite's roadmap, new functionalities, and tools designed to help you jumpstart your business.

The Alliance Business Suite is a set of intelligent, extensible, multi-tenant applications built to enable users to jumpstart their business through the acceleration of several core aspects of any given business.

The Alliance Business Suite gives users a Modular, Full-Stack, Low-Code Application Framework built on top of the Alliance Business Platform. 

Both client and server code are written in C#, allowing users to extend the product with their own code through Module libraries. It builds upon next-generation technologies such as Blazor, SignalR, Razor Pages, and MVC through .NET, an open-source and cross-platform framework for building web-mobile apps using C#, with or without the use of JavaScript

The power of the Alliance Business Suite can be leveraged from small personal blogs,  eCommerce platforms, and professional portfolios to the infrastructure of large corporations.

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