DevOps as a Service

Web Apps

Quickly create and deploy mission critical web apps that scale with your business.

Mobile Apps

Build mobile app back ends with notifications, offline data sync, and authentication.

Web APIs

Easily build and consume REST, gRPC & GraphQl APIs to support your business.

Logic Apps

Integrate your business logic with any mobile or web app via standard REST APIs.

Services Marketplace

Your central destination for well governed outsourced IT services.


Whether you need a simple blog, an ecommerce store, an open source deployment or a custom enterprise solution, our teams and partners are ready to start building your vision.


Pain Points can take a million forms. We're committed to enhance your business with the right IT for each one of those things that keep business owners and administrators up at night.


We're helping customers and partners to deliver the right applications for the business faster, with higher levels of quality and accountability through integrated development tools and an approach that drives productivity and agility—across apps and release cycles.

Through the tremendous power of cloud Computing we plan and develop flexible ways to connect legacy applications with new—to interoperate, securely—to proactively support new business opportunities as well as to infuse data into applications and business so it works and doesn’t just pile up.

Our Mastered Technologies

Fenix Alliance's extensive technologies portfolio is carefully selected to help you build enterprise-ready digital solutions ready to exceed expectations.

Making automation a First-Class citizen.

In a dev-ops world, we provide continuous integration, deployment, and automation for all our customer's applications. Everything from code deployment to testing, staging to release, is automated. This is how we help our customers leverage the full dev-ops experience of developing on the Cloud.

DevOps as a Service


We help our customers to digitally transform by leveraging the industry-leading Cloud PaaS Platforms. Build offerings around customer-facing web and mobile apps, application modernization, migration & maintenances.

DevOps as a Service


We as Development Operations (DevOps) partners are experts in helping organizations define, build, manage and continuously deliver great solutions on premise and in the cloud by leveraging the powerful DevOps and ALM features.

DevOps as a Service


We help your business build digital media solutions: Global distribution of premium video content, engaging with and educating employees, connecting and interacting with customers, optimizing our customer’s business, and more.

In Fenix Alliance you have options. Many options.

Options that help you maximize existing investments. Get support for infrastructure as a service (IaaS) in Linux, Java, Python, Node and PHP web application platforms. We deploy, develop and test your Linux and open source components in the Cloud, without complexity, freeing your ability to use the tools you love and the skills you already have, and to run virtually any application.

Automation and orchestration are extremely important functions to our Cloud practice. Our ability to automate routine tasks allows us to lower our delivery costs and offer superior SLAs – driving a virtuous cycle of efficiency and repeat business. Automation is the key to creating the right balance between cost, reliability, speed, and time to market. Automation can also offer significant benefits to the customer as it can optimize Cloud spending and increase reliability for workloads that have varying resource requirements.

DevOps Pipelines

We build, test, and deploy automated pipelines for <b>Continuos Integration</b> & <b>Continuous Deployment</b> for any language, to any cloud or on-premises, whether it runs in parallel on Linux, macOS, Windows, deploy containers to individual hosts or Kubernetes.

Continuous Innovation through DevOps.

We use Agile planning methods, including Scrum, and track the development and testing activities separately. This process works well to track user stories and errors in the Kanban panel, or track errors and tasks in the task pane. You can learn more about agile methodologies in Agile Alliance. It is a methodology where the tasks are compatible with the follow-up of the original estimate, the remaining work and the completed work.

Your vision, our solutions, smarter together.

Our teams of DevOps experts help our clients to develop and operate business solutions in a more efficient way. smart, collaborate better and deliver faster with a set of modern development services. We configure Automated workflows to build, test and implement your code on any platform and improve overall quality of the code in the solution through manual and exploratory testing tools for your applications.


Increased digital disruption of media & entertainment.

We bulid Secure Proven Web and Mobile Applications fast. Rapidly build, deploy and manage web and mobile back end apps for your customers or employees. Trough your existing languages skills —.NET, Java, C/C++, NodeJS, PHP, or Python — we help our customers to engineer in the Cloud their vision for business applications. We accelerate development with access to a rich gallery of APIs, connectors, and logic available in the Cloud of your choice to protect your customers’ identities. Your customers will rest assured that their profiles are protected through various security controls in addition to application or policy-based multi-factor authentication.

Mobile/Desktop Solutions for your users, all your users.

Go to all platforms with a single base of shared code for Android, iOS and Windows. Thanks to Xamarin and our group of .NET experts, we are helping our clients to deliver to their employees and users native applications for iOS, Android and Windows, with a single .NET shared code base project.


Video is a key driver of user engagement in apps, with rapid growth year-over-year

Business are using media as part of everyday work. Organizations are increasingly using video for internal communications as well as for external communications, such as marketing. Also, new opportunities in media analytics are being driven by the growth in video data feeds. For example, the increase of surveillance and other video feeds creates new opportunities for video analytics.

Industry Leading Pre-Packaged Software.

Through powerful, secure and reliable CMSs and LMSs and building on the tremendous power of the Cloud, we help our clients to host, create, manage and extend their CMS in minutes, whether they are running their site in a Linux-based environment or running Windows.

Customer identity and access management

We help you build an identity experience that works everywhere on Android, iOS, or web. Make it easy for your customers to access your application by allowing them to Single Sign-In with their existing social accounts or personal emails. Our customer identity and access management services infused into all our projects supports Facebook, Microsoft Accounts, Google+, LinkedIn, and many others.

Through industry leading cloud identity service allowing you to connect to any customer who puts your brand first. Governments and enterprises worldwide are using Active Directories to serve their applications to their citizens and customers with fully customizable experiences, while protecting their identities at the same time. We built on Azure Active Directory and AAD B2C the highly-secure cloud identity platforms that handles billions of authentications per day, Azure Active Directory B2C offers that same scale, reliability, and availability for your customer-facing applications.

Unleash next generation experiences for your customer.

Cloud Ready Video Games DevOps. We help our clients to create games and interactive content in 2D and 3D, Augmented Reality, Mixed and Virtual, to write scripts in C #, C ++ and JavaScript for Direct X, Unity and Unreal Engine, to connect their applications to platforms such as Xbox Live, Google Play, Facebook, Steam and others, to debug in Visual Studio and improve your productivity thanks to our Development Operations practice and the ability to create once and publish on dozens of platforms, including all mobile platforms, WebGL, Mac, PC and Linux desktop, web or consoles.

All our projects come bundled with:

Custom Plugins, Modules and Add-Ins

Through the development of customized add-ons we help our clients to create solutions that extend the applications they already know, use and love.

In the construction of the complements we use web technologies known as HTML, CSS and JavaScript as well as Cloud-based tools to extend and interact with Chrome, G Suite, Office 365 and Microsoft Dynamics.

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